Creating HDR Panos in Lightroom


If you've ever wondered how you'd create an HDR pano…well…here ya go! The post-processing edits are coming Wednesday in Part 2.

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Salgado and Scott Kelby Receive Special Recognition Awards from HIPA in Dubai

Congratulations to Sebastiao Salgado and Scott Kelby, who today receive special recognition awards for their contributions to photography from HIPA in Dubai.

Using a Gray Card for Setting White Balance in Lightroom


How to set your white balance right on the money by using a gray card and sync, and AutoSync.

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37 Hearts Hidden Amid the Majesty of Nature

A Valentine's Day collection of 37 heart shapes tucked away in nature—from unique islands, to butterfly wings, to heart-shaped, owl-inhabited cubbies carved right into the sides of trees.

How I Got the Shot: Capturing an Epic Sunset Surfing Photo

Sport and fine art photographer Marco Petracci explains how he captured this striking shot of one of his friends surfing off the Tuscany coast at sunset.

Humble Beginnings: Lisa Holloway Shares Her Humble Start in Photography

Incredibly talented family photographer Lisa Holloway shares the story of her humble beginnings in photography, complete with 13 "then and now" comparisons that show just how far she's come.

How I Drastically Improved My Photography with Just 2 Little Decisions

Better gear will not make you a better photographer, but these two simple decisions could drastically improve the quality of your work.

A Day in the Life of Extreme Action/Sports Photographer Tristan Shu

Extreme action/sports photographer Tristan Shu takes you up with him and several other talented paragliders for a sunset photoshoot in the sky... with flash!

Three Photographers Braved NYC’s ‘Snowpocalypse’ To Capture These Awesome Images

While most of New York City took to their homes to brave a 'snowpocalypse' that would never fully arrive, three photographers took to the streets with cameras in their hands and adrenaline in their veins.